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Do you watch Simplynailogical on Youtube? See if you can answer these trivia questions

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What is her greeting?
What is Simply Nailogical's name?
Where is Simply Nailogical from?
What is her cat's name?
What is her boyfriend's name?
What does her boyfriend often bring her?
Finish this phrase; Peel off simply peel ____ ___ ____ ____
Finish this phrase; What's on my _____ ______?
What is her other channel called?
What is her requirement for black or white nail polish
What is her favorite kind of nail polish
What is one skill that she made several 'cheat' videos on
What does she say instead of top coat?
What are her fans called?
What are her makeup videos called?
What is her extro/outro?
What are the unicorn parts shes uses?
Who did she do collabs with?
What's the Best Test? Tests! Videos

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