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Can you name the five-letter words in this Western-Europe-themed word ladder?

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City in Italy, setting of 'Taming of the Shrew'
Model and Top Chef host Lakshmi
City in Spain, home of RCD Mallorca
Italian city and province, birthplace of Verdi
Hooded coat of Arctic origin
Hyde, Tiergarten, Güell, and Buttes Chaumont
City in France, site of the Louvre
Roles; Stanislavski said there are no small ones
Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, and Felixstowe
City in Portugal, a sweet red wine is named for it
French word for door, the Sultan had a 'sublime' one
One's strength, or a musical instruction meaning loud
Scottish river, it debouches near Edinburgh
What Edinburgers call that river's estuary
What a mother gives to her children
Bunk on a ship or train, or a spot in the playoffs
City in Scotland, or in Australia
A fish, or a place for a bird to alight
Noble family of Northumberland, or a Weasley brother
Singer Katy or singer Como
Westernmost county in Ireland
City in Northern Ireland (short name)
English city that shares its name with a hat or a race
1970s singer Boone or Disney teen star Ryan
Harry Potter's house elf friend
Laboratory specializing in audio noise reduction
Parton or Levi, or a cloned sheep
They might be porcelain, paper, or kewpie
Small valleys, or certain computers
Distributes playing cards
Beloved ones
Business jets, or namesakes of a Shakespearean king
Lascivious looks
City in England, site of Roundhay Park
Offers up for borrowing
Deviates from straight
They might be marching, wedding, or rubber
Financial institutions, like Barclays or Crédit Agricole
Lies out in the sun
Fawlty or Rathbone, or a spice
Swiss city on the Rhine
Support for a painter's canvas
Lessens pain or stress
Curvy letters
City in Germany, its name suggests eating
County in England, setting of 'The Only Way Is _____'

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