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Can you name these 45 things in 15 categories, all of which contain the letter combination 'UG'?

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Country that Winston Churchill called 'The Pearl of Africa' 
Country that hosted and won
the 1930 World Cup
Country that is the world's
leading producer of cork
Hogwarts professor who comes out of retirement in Harry's sixth year 
Dragon who is the primary antagonist in 'The Hobbit' 
Author of 'Les Misérables' and
'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'
A Big 4 team that plays its
home games at the Pepsi Center
Animal mascot of six NCAA Div I schools, including WSU and BYU 
Style of football named for a Warwickshire school 
1993 film starring Harrison Ford, based on a 1960s TV show 
In 'Men In Black' a lengthy chase scene ends in this NY museum. 
This Hungarian actor,
famous for playing Dracula in film,
was born in Transylvania.
Just For Fun
Unscramble the word (noun):
Complete the word (verb):
I _ _ U G _
Fill in the blanks:
'When the going gets _____,
the _____ get going.'
A white-colored, toothed whale
that lives in the Arctic
One of the large veins in the neck that returns blood from the head 
A lab apparatus used to separate materials of different density by spinning them around in a circle 
1990s British techie crime drama, or first name of Looney Tunes'
carrot-munching star
Past participle title of an MTV show that showcases musical artists playing acoustic instruments 
In an episode of the Simpsons, Homer sells his soul for one of these pastries. 
A sudden downpour of rain,
or the Biblical flood
Founder and first ruler
of the Roman Empire;
a month is named for him.
French post-impressionist who migrated to the South Pacific, painted 'The Yellow Christ' and 'Tahitian Women on the Beach' 
A three-headed burrowing Pok√©mon; it evolves from Diglett. 
The #3 ranked game on BoardGameGeek.com is a Cold War themed strategy game called 'Twilight _______'. 
In chess, a situation where the player required to take the next move is disadvantaged 
What you're doing to a verb
when you add the correct suffix
French word meaning 'red';
it's the second half of a
2001 Nicole Kidman film title
or a U.S. state capital name.
A language of southern India with 75 million native speakers 
According to their 2011 hit, what the Black Eyed Peas 'just can't get' 
In 1966 Simon and Garfunkel asked if you're going to the fair in this Yorkshire town. 
A 1941 hit by the Andrews Sisters tells of a U.S. Army soldier who plays this instrument. 
For much of the 17th century, this island off the north coast of Haiti was a refuge for Caribbean pirates. 
From 1603 to 1867, Japan was ruled by shoguns from this clan. 
President of South Africa from 1883 to 1900; a national park and a gold coin are named for him. 
Nickname of Archie comics character Forsythe Jones III 
A lively swing dance associated with a Cab Calloway song 
The title of the 2002 Tony-winning Best Musical, about a girl named Millie, begins with this adverb. 
Fifth century Christian theologian and saint who wrote 'City of God' 
Four Popes bore this name, from the Greek for 'well born' 
Persecuted group of French Protestants who were the subject
of the 1598 Edict of Nantes
A categorization on Santa Claus's twice-checked Christmas list 
An unofficial U.S. holiday, on the 4th Thursday in April, encourages us to take these people to work. 
Bah! What Ebenezer Scrooge
thinks Christmas is

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