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Can you name the words and names described here, which all share a common connotation?

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Initials of 'Mandy' and 'Copacabana' singer or actor from 'Ghostbusters' and 'Lost in Translation'
A casino betting game using dice
Cole Porter lyric: '__ __ that voodoo that you do so well.'
1950s children's TV show: Howdy _____
Green Day album featuring 'Basket Case'
Mentioning important people in conversation: name-________
A spot in one's field of vision, caused by a flaw in the eye's vitreous humor
A confection made from chocolate, butter, sugar and milk
Renowned São Paulo footballer, formerly with AC Milan and Real Madrid
The most common form of unsliced bread
A social or political trend, or a subdivision of a symphony
A grade of pencil with moderately soft lead
Christopher Robin's bear: Winnie-the-____
The deck above the aft cabin on a ship
A style of improvised jazz singing, or what you might say to an unwanted cat
What you might sit on at a bar
Burt Reynolds' SNL alter ego Ferguson
Old proverb: _____ not, want not

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