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Can you name the six-letter words and names that contain a state abbreviation in the middle?

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An Old Testament book
How Bond likes his martini
A South American country
Suit for a king or queen
Empty, unoccupied
A unit of time
An ocean
Gopher, squirrel, or guinea pig
Brand name of a non-stick substance
Casablanca star
Mythological creature with a riddle
A card game with a dummy
A bathroom fixture
A fruit, or Spanish 15
A type of narcotic drug
A group that conquered ancient Egypt
Hyde's alter-ego
An Eastern European country
Picture-taking device
New Jersey city, or London borough
Often called a vegetable, really a fruit
Chemical element 76
Church songbook
Long-haired Biblical hero
Often called a nut, really a seed
Fort taken in the U.S. Civil War
A U.S. state capital
Another U.S. state capital
Best picture, 1959
State in India, or Pakistani province
One of Dorothy's Oz companions
Large gorge or ravine
A writing utensil
2012 Summer Olympics site
Sobbing sound
First-year player
Name of a British king
A tropical fruit
A continent
An object thrown at the Olympics
Deep understanding, knowledge
Short light sleep
A Himalayan country
GPS data provider acquired by Nokia
A North American capital
A Middle Eastern country
Take thread from a spool
Barrister, attorney

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