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Over the roofs of the world,
Walt Whitman sounds his barbaric one.
Open-mouthed sign of boredom or sleepiness
Rosy-fingered morning phenomenon
frequently invoked by Homer
A mild adjectival expletive
A challenge . . . like peach eating for Prufrock
Whittier's tan-cheeked boy has this kind of feet.
Nickname for Shakespeare
Maya Angelou knows
why this caged creature sings.
Blest be the ties that do this,
so saith John Fawcett's hymn
North, South, East and West,
Each is the one Amy Lowell likes best.
Omar Khayyám wants thou
with a loaf of bread and a jug of this.
Decrease, like William Cullen Bryant's pallid moon
A worker's regular pay
Dylan Thomas suggests you this, this
against the dying of the light.
A measure of value; Andrew Marvell would not
love his coy mistress at a lower one.
William Ernest Henley is captain of his soul
and master of his this.
Great renown: Lord Byron's Childe Harold
says it is the thirst of youth.
If you can't do this to your Wild Strawberry,
don't blame Shel Silverstein.
Robert Herrick advises rosebud gathering,
since this Old One is still a-flying.
Coleridge's ancient Mariner tells a long one.
(Or maybe it's just frost in his beard.)
Though we trod her, still Maya Angelou does this.
Gertrude Stein repeatedly asserts
the reflexive property of this flower.
Into the valley of Death, the six hundred did this.
A rich mineral deposit,
like you might find in the land of Eldorado
In the spring a young man's fancy
lightly turns to thoughts of this.
A slithy creature that Lewis Carroll says
you might find gimbling in a wabe
Rent asunder, ripped
Before he was interrupted by a raven,
Poe was pondering over volumes of forgotten this.
Title for Byron or Tennyson
It's worth one thousandth of a picture,
Robert Frost encountered two roads
diverging in a yellow one.
What one eats (eg, antelope for a Tyger)
An iamb, trochee, dactyl, or anapest
(or where you might wear a shoe)
Chimney residue that Eliot's yellow smoke
lets fall upon its back
Emerson told of one heard round the world.
A place to buy things
like coffee or old curiosities
What Death kindly did for Emily Dickinson

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