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Can you name the facts about the opera 'La Bohème'?

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General Info
Based on stories by 
Premiere (year) 
Premiere (city) 
Setting (year) 
Setting (city) 
Section of that city 
Cafe where Act II takes place 
Acts I and II take place on this holiday 
The Characters
T1: A bohemian, lead tenor 
S1: His beloved 
(Real name of S1) 
B1: A bohemian, baritone 
S2: His beloved 
B2: A bohemian, baritone 
B3: A bohemian, bass 
B4: Landlord of the bohemians 
B5: Elderly councillor who escorts S2 
T2: A toy seller 
Art/occupation of T1 
Art/occupation of B1 
Art/occupation of B2 
Art/occupation of B3 
The Story
The opening scene features a painting of this body of water. 
Later in Act I, the Bohemians do this to T1's manuscript. 
B2 tells a story in which this type of animal is poisoned. 
When S1 meets T1, she is looking for this. 
She stays because she loses this. 
On their first date, T1 buys this for S1. 
It is this color. 
To get B1's attention, S2 breaks one of these. 
She then sings a famous aria in this dance time. 
The Story
After the aria, she sends B5 away to buy a new this. 
The Bohemians disappear into a crowd that has gathered to watch this. 
Act III opens at this time of day. 
B1 and S2 are living and working at this type of establishment. 
S1 is suffering from this disease. 
Near the end of the opera, B3 sings a mock-serious aria to this object. 
Of the characters named in this quiz, this many are dead at the end of the opera.
(Spell out the number.)

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Created Aug 31, 2012
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