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Name of a god worshipped by the ancient Philistines, literally 'Lord of the Flies'.
In Christian tradition the name denotes a prince of Hell, or Satan himself.
Arabic for 'in the name of God', this word introduces every chapter of the Qur'an but one.
Also sometimes used as a blessing or an exclamation.
Adjective originally referring to a region of today's Czechia,
in 19th-century Paris it came to be associated with a romantic, 'starving artist' lifestyle.
A lively Spanish dance in triple meter, typically accompanied by castanets and guitars.
Also an online seller of movie tickets and a ZZ Top album.
Main character in three plays by Beaumarchais, two of which were made into
operas by Mozart and Rossini. Also the name of a major French newspaper.
Renowned scientist of the Italian Renaissance. For championing the heliocentric
model of the solar system, he was investigated by the Inquisition.
From an Italian word meaning splendid or grand, a fancy name for
a Venetian nobleman or for any gentleman of great distinction.
Literally 'my mother', an Italian exclamation of amazement, nowadays heard more
in caricature than in earnest. Also the name of an ABBA-based musical.
The name of a Roman god, a chemical element, a planet, and an American
auto brand. Adopted by Farrokh Bulsara as part of his stage name.
From a classical Greek word for a reciter of epic poetry, this term suggests
a long, free-form musical or literary work in an exalted, impassioned style.
A stock character from commedia dell'arte, usually portrayed as a boastful coward
and often trounced by Harlequin. From an Italian word meaning 'skirmish'.
A style of portrait that uses contrast of dark and light to show only the outline
of a person's features. Named for an 18th-century French finance minister.

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