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Can you supply the missing words in these four limericks?

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I. (by Dixon Lanier Merritt)
A wonderful bird is the _______. 
His bill will hold more than his _____ can. 
   He can take in his ____ 
   Enough food for a ____, 
But I'm damned if I see how the ____ he can! 
III. (by George D. Vaill)
The bustard's an exquisite ____, 
With minimal reason to _____: 
He escapes what would __ 
By the _____ of a fortunate vowel. 
II. (by Jeff Russell)
There ____ was a luckless Peruvian 
Whose jalopy was ____________. 
Girls thought the _______ 
Was a sight to be ____, 
But not to be seen at a _____ in. 
IV. (by Langford Reed)
Although at the _________ of Lear 
We may feel a temptation to _____, 
We should never ______ 
That we owe him a ____ 
For his work as the first _______. 

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