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Can you name the words in these parallel Latin-themed word ladders?

Updated Jul 27, 2012

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● 4 LETTERS ●Two-word Latin phrase:
Lhasa ____, a dog breed
Cathedral feature
Commedia dell'____
The A in a B.A. degree
What a beggar requests
 Two-word Latin phrase:
The die is cast:
____ iacta est
It might bite a dog
Ran away
Provide food to
Parry, ward off
Repair clothing
Guilty mind: ____ rea
Mount Olympus:
Olympus ____
A religious ascetic
Hit one's head
 Two-word Latin phrase:
Title for a Spanish lady
Juan and Corleone
Bucks' mates
Passes away
 (Reversed) two-word Latin
Regard, consider
Ruby, Kiki, and Kool Moe
Hibernation places
Have a meal
Grape or tomato connector
 Two-word Latin phrase:
By that very fact ● 5 LETTERS ●
 True statements
 Janus has two; Eve has three
 Sends documents by phone
 Prepares drinks, or paint
 Kitchen device with beaters
 Headgear for the pontiff
The school one attended
 Our Father: _____ noster
 Meat pastes, like foie gras
 First among equals:
Primus inter _____
 Perspiration outlets
 Golf course cries
 Paperwork to fill out
 As a formality: pro _____
 Solid ground:
Terra _____
 Terminates an employee
Good faith
 Dims or weakens
 What a cabbie seeks
 Worries, concerns
 Finds fault, complains
phrase: Seize the day
 Slice up a roast or turkey
 A teacher might grade on it
 Use a swear word
 Latin phrase: as such
 Song section
The other way around

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