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In the city names Bandar Abbas (Iran) and Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), among others, what does 'Bandar' mean?
In Hawaii, Ianuali and Pepeluali are the first two names in a list of what?
Later known for her known for her Catwoman portrayal, Julie Newmar gained early fame as Stupefyin' Jones in the musical (later film) based on what hillbilly comic strip?
In each of two neighboring U.S. states, the largest city has a three-syllable name ending with 'a', pronounced with accents on the first and third syllables. Name either city.
In 1965, what six-letter bit of advice did the McCoys give to Dorothy Sloop -- endorsed 20 years later by the Ohio General Assembly?
The silver fern and the koru are national symbols that appeared on proposed flags in a 2015 referendum in what country?
The hottest days of summer are called the 'dog days' because they align with the rise of the 'Dog Star' -- also known by what name, from a Greek word meaning 'scorching'?
'You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.' This is a verse from which book of the Bible?

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Odds are good you had to read most of these in high school and college, now is your chance to put that fancy education to work!
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