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Can you name the words and names that share a common pattern or theme?

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Type of order found in many Sporcle quizzes (including this one)
A European capital
Very old (literally 'before the flood')
Primate related to the chimpanzee
1942 Best Picture, starring Bogart
Place of worship
The 1960s, for example
Symbol, logo
Name of six British kings
Practice often paired with obstetrics
What you might get from staring at this computer screen too long
Hormone that regulates blood sugar
Memento, souvenir
Like good handwriting
Gandhi's title (or Branch Rickey's)
A city in Florida
A planet
Vegetable that might bring you to tears
Capital of Burkina Faso
What a camera takes
Withdraw, or end a career
Type of dance, music, or sauce
Curly-tailed fish with an equine name
Bashful, or ovine
The last day of some months
Home of Maple Leafs and Argonauts
A Swedish automaker
A city in Spain

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