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Can you name the words and names that share a common pattern or theme?

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Group of islands
Best Picture in 2012
A type of drums, or an antelope
Winner of six Tonys in 1996
Africa's largest river (by volume)
Winner of five Oscars in 1965
A part of the psyche, according to Freud
Official trade ban
Winner of two Oscars in 1996
A long-legged bird, or a Las Vegas hotel
Shakespearean villain or Disney parrot
A dark blue natural dye
A Florida island, or a 1948 Bogart film
A Danish toy brand
A tropical fruit
Capital of American Samoa
One of the 'Three Tenors'
Walt Kelly's comic strip, or a type of stick
A South American capital
A Caribbean capital
A Caribbean country
A sort of dizziness, or a 1958 Hitchcock film
Author of 'Les Misérables'
A constellation

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