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Can you name these words and names that end in -eon?

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Greek poet known for drinking songs; the Star-Spangled Banner is set to a tune named for him
Family name of Joffrey and Stannis in ‘A Game of Thrones’
A heavy stick used as a weapon, or the name of a Decepticon leader in ‘Transformers’
A leopard can't change its spots, but this lizard can change its color.
Oedipus's uncle — and also his brother-in-law!
A grouchy old person who is set in his ways and grumbles at things that are different
A type of prison you might find in a castle (or in a fantasy role-playing game)
This large and powerful type of ship is a difficult but desirable target for a pirate or privateer.
Biblical hero who lent his name to a publisher that provides bibles to hotel rooms
This two-syllable name for a mid-day meal sounds fancier than the short version.
First name of a French emperor and an Orwellian pig
A chemical element, once used in colorful glowing signs
Theater with a five-cent ticket, or the TV network named for it
A group of officially recognized gods; the ancient Greeks had twelve in theirs
A city-dwelling bird, popularly known for perching (and pooping) on statues
A small insignificant creature, or the name of Ron Weasley's owl
Spanish conquistador who, according to legend, sought the Fountain of Youth
A U.S. aerospace company, the world's largest producer of guided missiles
Most true caviar is produced by this large, long-lived freshwater fish.
One who might repair a hernia or remove an appendix

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