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Can you name the popular boys' names which, with a single letter added to the end, become a popular girl's name?

Quiz Updated Aug 21, 2012

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Peak YearBoy Name / Girl NamePeak Year
18th in 188217th in 1914
30th in 20065th in 1976
13th in 197631st in 1988
12th in 193138th in 1954
47th in 199539th in 2006
48th in 196536th in 1973
1st in 195364th in 1936
8th in 197768th in 1994
64th in 198073rd in 1989
73rd in 192669th in 1905
22nd in 191576th in 1965
86th in 188144th in 1971
90th in 18811st in 2007
Peak YearBoy Name / Girl NamePeak Year
1st in 1998100th in 1997
21st in 2010102nd in 2003
103rd in 198042nd in 1922
14th in 1910104th in 1910
56th in 2010106th in 2006
5th in 2008108th in 2007
119th in 198423rd in 1978
22nd in 1915122nd in 1995
18th in 1990139th in 2010
27th in 1973139th in 1977
40th in 1951143rd in 2007
141st in 1941144th in 1951
53rd in 2010145th in 2010

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