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Can you name the Bacon number for each of these actors and other celebrities?

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A person's "Bacon number" represents how many steps are required to connect that person to Kevin Bacon. For example Humphrey Bogart appeared with Peter Lorre in Casablanca, Peter Lorre appeared with Jack Nicholson in The Raven, and Jack Nicholson appeared with Kevin Bacon in A Few Good Men, so Humphrey Bogart has a Bacon number of 3. To find any actor's Bacon number (and also see the connecting path), type the person's name followed by "Bacon Number" in Google.
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Jennifer Aniston
Fred Astaire
Kevin Bacon
Kate Beckinsale
Justin Bieber
Orlando Bloom
Kenneth Branagh
Marlon Brando
Charlie Chaplin
John Cleese
George Clooney
Glenn Close
Miley Cyrus
James Dean
Johnny Depp
Zooey Deschanel
Robert Downey Jr
Douglas Fairbanks
Dakota Fanning
Errol Flynn
Harrison Ford
Jamie Foxx
Clark Gable
Al Gore
Tom Hanks
Alfred Hitchcock
Bob Hope
Steve Jobs
James Earl Jones
Kim Kardashian
Henry Kissinger
Ashton Kutcher
John Lennon
Lindsay Lohan
Jennifer Lopez
Eddie Murphy
Paul Newman
Barack Obama
Gwyneth Paltrow
Sidney Poitier
Natalie Portman
Elvis Presley
Ronald Reagan
Robert Redford
Martin Sheen
O.J. Simpson
Britney Spears
Emma Stone
Gore Vidal
Max von Sydow
Orson Welles
Mae West
Oprah Winfrey

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