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Can you name the words and phrases beginning with 'AL' with a 3rd letter from every letter in the alphabet?

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ClueAnswer3rd Letter
Animated Disney classic from 1992A
A large-winged ocean birdB
What a 'virgin' cocktail lacksC
Style of cooking pasta, literally 'to the tooth'D
Pupil of Aristotle known as 'the Great'E
Early British king also known as 'the Great'F
Branch of mathematics
involving equations with variables
Palace complex and tourist attraction
in Granada, Spain
A criminal defense based on being in another placeI
International news network based in QatarJ
Opposite of acidicK
A large swamp-dwelling reptileL
A nut-like seed sometimes found in chocolate barsM
ClueAnswer3rd Letter
Historic town and castle in NorthumberlandN
A common greeting in HawaiiO
Collection of phonetic symbolsP
Islamist group founded by Osama bin LadenQ
So soon?R
French province on the upper Rhine,
historically paired with Lorraine
Auto part that charges the batteryT
Metal mined from bauxiteU
Thomas Edison's middle nameV
Airport code for Thomas C. Russell Field in AlabamaX
One of the Brothers Karamazov (nickname)Y
A form of dementia
named for a German neuropathologist

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