Words Ending in 'STER' (A-Z)

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Can you name the words and names ending in -ster?

Updated Jun 5, 2014

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A white mineral used for sculptureA
Type of lawyer who pleads a caseB
Lead violinist in an orchestraC
A spring holidayE
A legislative delay tacticF
Member of a criminal organizationG
A rodent sometimes kept as a petH
One who pretends to be what he isn't*I
Courtier whose task is to amuseJ
Another word for derriereK
A crustacean eaten as seafoodL
English city with two Premier League clubsM
Music sharing network shut down in 2001N
A mollusk eaten as seafoodO
A synthetic fabric materialP
Game show host, or Sporcle contributorQ
Morning crowerR
Part of a school yearS
An appliance for cooking breadT
Put padding on a couch or chairU
More extensiveV
Renowned dictionary makerW
A surgical instrument for scraping bonesX
Child or other youthful personY
Founder of a Persian religionZ

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