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ASeventh deceased member of the 'Flying Hellfish'
BOwner of 'La Maison Derrière', one of the main singers in the song, 'Who put the spring in Springfield?'
CInventor of Itchy
DThe detective who catches Bart stealing in 'Marge Be Not Proud'.
EMost commonly known as 'The Crazy Cat Lady'
F“What's this? 'Extremely high voltage.' Well, I don't need safety gloves, 'cause I'm Homer Simp-!”
GDaughter of the man who plays McBain
HFull name of Krusty the Clown
IGrenadier of the 'Flying Hellfish'. His son is the current police chief.
JWorks under mafia code names 'Johnny Tightlips'
KA 23 year old who has a son and is one of Springfield Elementary School's bullies
LDrederick Tatum's boxing manager
MWorks in the Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlor; also known as Tattoo Guy
NLeader of the Stonecutters.(Codename, his real name wasn't revealed)
OFriend of Abe Simpson and Jasper Beardly.Lives at Springfield Retirement Castle.
PFull name of Princess Penelope
QOne of the seven Duffs; tends to barf a lot
RMain antagonist of the Simpsons Movie.
SSometimes he runs the Kwik-E-Mart for his brother, Apu
TA very memorable film star, was once married to Selma.Voiced by Phil Hartman.
UGerman exchange student at Springfield Elementary
VWas swapped with Marge in the reality show 'Mother Flippers'.Ended up going out with Patty.
WA boy who is always nauseous.A good friend of Martin Prince.
XThe giant Olmec head given to the Simpson family by Mr. Burns in 'Blood Feud'
YCreature widely known in fiction and lore.Moe's father.
ZWas a temporary teacher in Springfield Elementary School.Likes the 'Blue Bronco' Energy Drink.

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