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can you name these
At the town meeting about the Maison Derriere the problem goes much further than Eugene and who?
Wiggum's Cup says I *heart* what?
What is Homers fake name when he, bart and Abe try to con the old folks with a giant cheque?
What is the second name on Hans Moleman's Driving Licence?
What song does Auto use to 'slow it down a bit' when he plays barts guitar on the school bus?
Ralph Wiggam first appears dressed as ' a preist who acts like Santa Claus' from which country?
In Treehouse of Horror XI where homer must do a good deed to get into heaven. Who wanders out of a cave after being woken up in Hell?
In Lisa's Song they have the plant but we have the what?
Who does homer hope kills the Iron Yuppy?
What seafood caused Marge's Throat to close up and then have convisions
can you name these
What is printed on the box under 'Robot Workers' in Mr Burns' fantasy?
What is the name of the school you have to attend to become a monorail conductor acording to the advert on Homer's TV.
Which show features 'The Foam Dome' and Mr Sugar Cube
The name of the place in the land of choclolate is what town?
What is the name of the alligator Mr Burns can speak to?
Lisa makes Marge pay for a small item she ate on the way round the supermaket - it was a what?
What disease does Miss Hoover think she has?
How many conversions did Joseph of Aremathea have acording to the Trading Card at Fladers' Swap meet stall?
Where does marge like being bitten?
How is Groundskeeper Willy described in the expose on Rock Bottom?

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