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Yo, listen up This is my tragic story Just to break in my heart
Every day I just can't control. Every night the loneliness my love
niga meoreojinda (da-da) meolli jeomi doenda (da-da)
Geudae ol ttaekkaji gidarilkke Cuz I can't forget your love Nunmuri heureulgeot gata Geudae saenggangman hamyeon
Now Game is Over Deoisang dasin nareul mageulsun eobseo Seulpeumdo Over apahal sigan jocha eobseo
Tell me, tell me sarangeul malhaejwo Tell me, tell me ne sarang jeonhaejwo Love me, love me nae pume angyeojwo Kiss me, kiss me neomaneul saranghae
Yojeum isanghae, byeonhan geot gata Yejeon en anhdeon, maldeul do hago Nae apeseo, nae nuneul bogoseo Yaegi hae (neo) soljik hage
black and white black and white neowa naneun black and white naneun hot neoneun cool coupleinge mystery jeongmal jeongmal jeongmal jeongmal maldo andwae maldo andwae
naega jal-jal-jalmothaesseo Ne mari dal-dal-dalkomhaeseo Maennal mal-mal-malloman Nal-nal-nallo nal Gatgo noneun geol mollasseo
You just look so beautiful Hago shipun mal naege wajun gol gamsahae Guryowatdon gudaega iroke lovely nomuna sarangsuroun gol

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