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100ppm CO2 rise 18,000-11,000 ya caused oceanO2 decline and benthic hypoxia
photosynthesis ~2.7 billion ya, GOE ~2.45 billion ya
CO2 increase crops and water saving, only in cool wet yrs, wet 22% yeild, dry 1%
2100 most years hotter than current hottest on record
0.1pH drop in ocean pH since industrial revolution
Last time earth was 3 degrees warmer sea levels were 15-20m higher
2003 france heatwave = 20-35% yeild loss, 1972 Ukraine =13% loss triple global prices
Afforestation 200-700ppm removal by 2100, competes for land and needs sustainable agri intensification.
drop in Ocean oxygen, change in top predator composition, 35% habitat change
Savannah and woodlands controlled by fire and recruitment species, inc CO2 inc recruitment, alternative stable states, C4 grasses
Climate more arid in glacial period - Antactic ice core, 8 cycles
Large animals are more threatened to becoming extinct
Extinction risks 0.8-1.7, 1.8-2.0, >2.0
GOE 2.45 billionya, organic carbon burial and possible pyrite burial through sulphate reducing bacteria
Megafaunal extinctions correlated with human arrival
14.5% of GHG emissions from livestock
Harber-Bosh feeds half the population
UK beef 26.5gCO2 per g food, cereals & veg 0.5gCO2
25% of GHG fro food industry, 80-86% from agriculture
Megafaunal agent of disturbance and trees in enclosure experiment
Quantitative model of human impacts, constant and shrinking, 3000 yr significant ecological change
CO2 persists in atmosphere
280 ppm of CO2 since pre industrial
Underestimated importance of deforestation as C emitter, potential for carbon sequestration
Snowball earth, ended 580Mya glacial at tropic sea-level, CO2 + rain = intense weathering + nutrient pulse into ocean
end century longer and more intense drought, and rainfall events >95% of daily average
9.1 PgC per year, atmosphere 45%, Land 29%, Oceans 26%
0.58 W/m2 net forcing earths system, energy imbalance
Cenozioc ice house world and climate depression due to uplift but dampened by plant negative feedback
Oceanic low O2 areas increased by 4.5million km2 in 50 years
FACE CO2 experiment small yeild rise in C3 none in C4
Excessive fertiliser, 33% - 50% of fertilizer emissions N2O
Fertile cresent 10-12 Mya, job diversification, intensification, techology, population
Cropland 62% human, 35% animal, 3% biofuel
climare refugees
O2 and insects 35% atmospheric = 12% male and 20% female drosophila size increase

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