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Forced Order
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The biggest city in India
The year the first iPod was sold
Chemical symbol on the periodic table for Gold
The name of the airplane that dropped 'little boy' on Hiroshima
The year of the battle of Gettysburg
Country where the world exhibition was held in 2012
Egyptian temple flanked by four large statues of Ramesses II
According to the French Cognac Institution the third Cognac-quality grade after VS and VSOP
Fabric named after the town of Nîmes
Writer of 'Das Kapital'
Bow-tie shaped pasta
The country with the highest percentage of obese inhabitants
Founder of Adidas
Latin proverb in the logo of Marlboro cigarettes
Last name of 'Raj' or 'Rajesh' in The Big Bang Theory
Famous female Belgian tennisplayer and ex-girlfriend of Lleyton Hewitt
Was lead guitarist in rock band R.E.M.
The time it is in Rio de Janeiro when it is 11 AM in Burundi
The food that was prepared for Lady Bracknell in the first act of 'The Importance of Being Earnest
Since 2007 the highest skyscraper in the world
The common name of the narcissus flower
The hill where Jesus Christ was supposedly crucified
Played Donna Noble in 'Dr. Who'
Currency used in Denmark
Famous nanny that travelled by umbrella
Term used for the study of birds
Colour of the 'l' in the Google-logo
English football club, founded by workers of an ammunition factory
Finish the corporate slogan: 'It's not TV, it's ...'
Stanley Kubrick's last film
The name of the three-legged symbol in the flag of the Island of Man
Animal famous for mass-suicide by jumping off cliffs (which is a misconception)
The alter ego of Superman

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