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Forced Order
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The inventor of the saxophone
The capital of Madagascar
Planet is closest to the sun
The company that used 'Bohemian like you' by The Dandy Warhols for a commercial
Greek word for an ideal society
Old colonial name for Kinshasa in the Congo
German name for a butterfly
The present queen of the Netherlands
The number of vaginas a female kangooroo normally has
The last name of main character Angel in the TV-series of Dexter
John Lennon's oldest son
Military rank usually between captain and lieutenant-colonel
After the Olympics of 2008 no longer an olympic sport
Patron Saint of lost or impossible causes
SI unit of electric current
Writer of 'Dubliners' and 'Ulysses'
Lars von Trier movie in which an approaching planet destroys Earth
Regular guest in QI and writer of Hitler's Canary
Largest fountain in Rome
Name in mathematics for 1.61...
The second half of this proverb:'A bird in the hand ...'
The fourth nucleid acid of the DNA after Adenine, Cytosene and Guanine
The only non-Belgian (recognised) trappist beer
The biggest moon of Mars
The only USA state that starts with an 'L'
The year of the storming of the Bastille
Played Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds
The smallest bone in the human body
The name of a small tower that projects vertically from the wall of a building
The famous number on the original 'Eau de Cologne' bottles

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