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Can you name the Marvel Movie Villains by their Death or Defeat?

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Killed by the New Goblin's pumpkin bomb
Shot by Pepper
Chained to concrete rubble after his plan is foiled
Returned to life on the run after apologizing for his actions
Killed when Magneto drives a coin through his head
Blown up by his own bomb after proclaiming 'You lose'
Arrested for selling military secrets
Consumed by the power of the Aether
Locked in a plastic prison after Wolverine foiled his plan
Uncontrollably shrinks
Consumed by the power of the Orb
Shot by Fury, before uttering the last words 'Hail Hydra'
Drowns in the Hudson River while destroying his fusion reactor
Final body destroyed by the Vision
Killed after Pepper blows up the roof
Restored to his human form and taken to prison
Killed by his own glider
Defeated in battle but spared by the Hulk
Body explodes after power overload
Wiped out after a change in the time continuum
Drops himself off the Bifrost, presumably to his death (but really just to Earth)
Consumed by the power of the tesseract
Shut down and ceasefire after their mothership explodes

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