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QUIZ: Can you name the LOST Episodes by Subplot?

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Forced Order
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Sawyer squishes a tree frog.
Charlotte tests Daniel's memory with playing cards.
Sayid and Hurley hear 'Moonlight Serenade' on a shortwave radio.
Hurley has 'digestive issues' and later steps on a sea urchin.
Sawyer tries to avoid being banished from the camp.
Desmond makes a lightning rod out of a golf club.
Jack and Kate play golf.
Jin tells Claire that Kate took Aaron off the island.
Locke makes a whistle to find Vincent.
Mikhail saves Naomi's life.
Charlie reads Claire's diary.
Jin discovers Charlotte speaks Korean.
Eko confesses to 'Henry' and cuts off his chin beards.
Sawyer needs reading glasses.
Richard wants Jack to help him commit suicide.
Shannon asks Charlie to catch her a fish.
Hurley beats Sawyer at ping-pong.
Jack and Kate get caught in a net.
Miles and Hurley discuss the rules of time travel.
Charlie and Claire eat imaginary peanut butter.

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