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Can you name the First Episode of LOST in Each Category?

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First Episode to...Episode
Take place entirely on the island?
Feature a flashforward?
Flash back to the centric character's childhood?
Have present action and flashbacks, all taking place on the island?
Feature a scene off-island that wasn't a flashback?
Mention the Others?
Have a flashback story that didn't tell why the centric character was on the plane?
Feature no new footage of main characters?
Mention Jacob?
Mention Oceanic 815's flight number?
First Episode to...Episode
Feature no scenes on the main island?
Not center on a regular cast member?
Kill off a regular cast member?
Take place entirely in chronological order?
Center on a character who was not on flight 815?
End in a flashback?
Feature an on-island flashback?
Have a flashback from the point of view of a deceased character?
Have a flashback from the point of view of an Other?
Include the name 'Widmore'?

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