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Can you name the LOST Episodes By First Spoken Line?

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First LineEpisode
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. 4, 8, we're dead, 15, doomed and dead, 16, 23, 42...
Almost 30 minutes now since the start of this high-speed chase.
And now, dancing on stage three, the pride of Saint Paul, Corvette!
Anyone want to venture a guess as to what Jack's going to be showing us out here in the middle of nowhere?
Cereal goes on the left, Bernard.
Charlie. Charlie. How about you and I go for walk?
Come on! Damn it, push!
Did Ben ever mention knowing anyone off the island? You’re sure of that?
Do you need someone to sign for that?
Don't trust her. She's dangerous.
Efren Salonga?
Emma -- my sister, my sister. Emma! Emma!
He wasn't on the plane.
Hell of a book. It's about bunnies.
Hello. I'm sorry I'm late. You must be Dr. Burke.
Hi. I'm expecting a letter -- hold for guest arrival.
I brought you a present for helping me with the translations.
I burnt my hand -- and my muffins.
I think you can let go of that now.
In a world of conflict and strife, there is but one fact we all can agree upon...
It's your choice man; walk away now and you won't get your ass kicked.
First LineEpisode
Jack! Jack! Jack? Jack, I need you to wake up. Jack! Can you hear me? You okay?
John, John, I was hoping I could borrow one of these guns.
Michael, Michael. What's wrong with him? Michael. Michael?
Mr. Hume, my name is Zoe.
Ping-pong table? Where the hell did that come from?
Police; open the door.
Save your breath. Nobody's gonna hear you.
Show me the way to go home/I'm tired and I want to go to bed/I had a little drink about an hour ago/And it went straight to my head.
So how's the drink?
Sorry, Ron. Drone's got nothing but seafood at five thousand meters below. You picking up anything with yours?
These are the last two eggs.
Voltron, whoa!
Walt! Walt!
Walt! Walt! Walt! Walt!
We have to go back? We have to go back?
What are you building?
What have you done, Richard?
Where's the bomb, Richard? Where is it?
Would you fasten your seat belts? Would you put your seat belt back on, please?
You got that thing running yet, buddy?
You're insane mate. Superman can fly around the entire planet in the blink of an eye.

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