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This episode introduced Flurry Heart; Starlight reunites with her old friend Sunburst.
Eternal winter creeps more closer to the Crystal Empire.
Pinkie Pie plans on getting a gift for her sister Maud.
The CMC struggle on what's next after receiving their cutiemarks.
Spike participates in a dangerous mission.
Starlight forms a new friendship with someone; Trixie.
Rainbow Dash finally becomes a full fledged Wknderbolt.
A reenactment of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol.
A mockery styled episode.
Applejack spends time with Rarity at the spa.
Fluttershy's free loading brother Zephyr Breeze.
Saffron Masala.
Daring Do III.
Mario Kart style.
The Walking Dead only with ponies.
Every Discord fangirls dream.
Harry Potter Quiddich style but with ponies.
The CMC helps out a griffon named Gabby get her very own cutiemark.
Referencing Viva Las Vegas.
Starlight Glimmer trying to tackle several friendship problems at once.
Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie share different views of their story after their boat trip didn't entirely went well.
Applejack telling a hoard of lies.
Top Gun reference.
Suicide Squad: The Good One.
Queen Chrysalis returns.

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