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Courtney Cox Arquette portrays
Who dates a man with a mustache named
who's friends with
whose wife is
whose son is
who showed his slides to
whose sister is
who had a secret relationship with her assitant
who, when a red sweater is found, is contacted by
who gets married to
who competes for Phoebe's love against
who, when he visits New York for a few days, causes Phoebe to have a fight with
whose father is
who had an affair with
who gave a cheese nip to
who had an on and off relationship with
who shared a hospital room with
whose daughter is
whose father is
whose second wife is
who goes horseback riding with
whose life partner is
whose son is
whose aunt is
who gets married to
who shares a name with
whose brother is
whose father is
whose half sister is
who, while giving him a massage, gets violated by
who dates
whose sister (not already mentioned) is
who babysits
whose grandfather on her mother's side is
who is not too fond of
who comes back from China with
who is hated by
whose prom date was
who later goes on a date with
who adopts her children from
who gives birth to a baby girl named
whose twin brother is
whose father is
who kisses the sister of
who crushes on his australian dancer roommate named
who thinks this person is blah
who, for the first part of the series, lives with
who gets cheated on by
who cheats on joey with
whose highschool best friend is/was
who dates a student named
whose father is
who has a relationship with
who is the obsession of
who gives a job to
whose agent is
who, when she dies, is immitated on the phone by
whose twin sister is
who dates
who dates a paleontologist names
who breaks up with joey for
whose sister is

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