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Can you name the words that ends in 'end'?

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Clue'End' word
_____ and receive
Best _____, Girl_____, Boy_____
To show up at an event
to obtain something
To combine two or more
To understand
I'm borrowing it from you, you're ____ing it to me
To repair
A fad or a craze
To go up
To lengthen or straighten something out
Also known as flex
To go down
Clue'End' word
To strive in opposition or against difficulties
To rely, especially for support or maintenance
To represent fictitiously in play; make believe
To have in mind; plan
Shopping Spree!
A quantity to be divided
monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and....
'This place was good! I really _________ it.'
An unverified story handed down from earlier times
To deal with people in a patronizingly superior manner
To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in
To sell

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