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Can you name the Panic! at the disco music video by description?

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video descriptionsong/video
a compilation of brendon urie recreating musicals
a marching band bounces around the streets
brendon's date turns out to be a tentacle monster
brendon jumps around a motel car park
brendon crashes a wedding as the bride cheats on her partner
the band graffiti their lyrics across the town
a steampunk funeral (mary did it)
a married couple break their fishtank heads, which results in them dying.
video descriptionsong/video
brendon urie meets his wife in a 1930's club
brendon urie escapes from the clutches of the doctors, only to die trying
brendon follows a woman in a maze, and he confesses what his sins (not tragedies)
all the gang and their younger selves, plus some russian dolls
brendon urie, alone in a bar, singing like sinatra
brendon urie visits his lover's grave in a black and white scene
brendon urie earns the key to the city after helping a grandma cross the street

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