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Who is Dally shot by in the end?
After killing a Soc, Ponyboy and Johnny hop a train to what town?
How did the Cutris' parents die?
How old is Ponyboy Curtis?
What state does the Outsiders take place in?
Ponyboy and Johnny hide out from the police in an abandon ______.
Who wrote the poem 'Nothing Gold can Stay' that Ponyboy recites?
What is 'Soc' short for?
What started at the church that caused the death of Johnny Cade?
What character does Dally feel protective of?
What does Johnny kill a Soc with?
What is Sodapop's girlfriend's name?
What book to ponyboy and Johnny read to kill time in hiding?
Dally was hardened by running with gangs in what state?
What are Johnny Cade's last words?
How old is Johnny Cade?
What two things did Ponyboy have on his mind when he stepped out of the movie house?
What do the Curtis boys eat every day for breakfast?

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