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Who won the first season of Drag Race?Easy
Who was the runner up in the first season?Easy
Who is the first contestant to have sashayed away?Easy
Name a contestant who competed in two seasons of Drag Race (Not including All Stars)?Easy
Which season did Snatch game first debut?Easy
Which contestant was eliminated in season 3, and returned later in the series?Easy
Who wears a beard on the runway in season 6?Easy
Who won All Stars 1?Easy
Which contestant won season 3?Easy
Name one of the runner ups from season 7Easy
How many challenges did Ongina win?Easy
Sasha Velour won which season?Easy
Who was disqualified in season 4?Easy
Which Rupaul song was used on the runway of season 4?Easy
Detox sashayed away after lip syncing against who?Easy
Who impersonated Michael Jackson in Snatch Game?Easy
Who was the first queen eliminated in season 6?Easy
Who was Miss Congeniality in season 4?Easy
Dida Ritz sent home which contestant in a lip sync?Easy
Name a season in which a double elimination happenedEasy
Which contestant sends home Coco Montrese in All Stars 2?Easy
Which contestant returns in season 7 after previously sashaying away?Easy
Shangela and Laganja Estranja are the drag daughters of which contestant?Easy
Back ____?!Easy
If you can't _____ yourself, how in the hell are you gonna _____ somebody else?Easy
In Season 2, taking part in the music video for what Rupaul song is the final challenge?Easy
Who won the 'Ru Ha Ha' challenge in season 3 with their 'Post Modern Pimphoe' act?Easy
What was the runway theme for Snatch game in seasons 8 and 9?Easy
RuPaul is looking for Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and what else?Easy
Who didn't know the words to Greedy by Ariana Grande?Easy
Name a queen who performed a jump split off of the main stage during a lipsync?Easy
Who goes home first in season 8?Easy
Which contestant fell on the runway in season 1?Easy
What talent does Adore Delano debut in the All Star Talent Show in AS2?Easy
What place did Latrice Royale come in season 4?Easy
Alyssa Edwards and Tatiana both return in All Stars 2 after both winning a lipsync to which song?Easy
What was the runway song in All Stars 1?Easy
Delta Work, Raja, Manila Luzon and Carmen Carrera formed what group in season 3?Easy
Manila Luzon's boyfriend was which previous contestant?Easy
Aja said 'you're beautiful, you're a model, you look like Linda Evangelista' to which queen?Easy
What was the first ever lip sync song?Easy
How much money did the winners get in season 2?Easy
What original song did Kim Chi perform for the grand finale of season 8?Easy
The _______ is open!Easy
Willam stuck stickers of what all over their pride boat?Medium
BenDeLaCreme describes her character as what?Medium
Bianca Del Rio impersonated who in snatch game?Medium
Which queens made up 'team new york' in Season 8?Medium
Who sashayed away first? Alyssa Edwards or Coco Montrese?Medium
What's the name for the head on top of ViVacious's head?Medium
Finish the Jujubee quote: Legendary you think you are! Legendary? Looks like ______ ____ _______!Medium
Which season 4 queen returned in All Stars 2?Medium
Nicole Paige Brooks is from where?Medium
Upon hearing that they are working in teams of two in All Stars, Latrice says what?Medium
How many Paula Abdul songs have featured as lip syncs to date?Medium
Who won Miss Congeniality in season 7?Medium
Who won the first challenge in season 8?Medium
Who is the first queen to enter the workroom in All Stars 3?Medium
Which season is the last season that Santino Rice appears in?Medium
In the season 9 princess challenge, what was the name of Aja's princess character?Medium
What is Tatiana's catchphrase?Medium
Who enters the workroom second in season 4?Medium
Who was in the bottom 2 for her bad impersonation of Diana Ross in Snatch Game?Medium
Who played the role of Tasha Salad in the children's tv programme challenge on Season 5?Medium
Which queen released a song called 'Your Makeup is Terrible'?Medium
Who won the lipsync to the song 'This will be' by Natalie Cole?Medium
Who is the first one to enter the workroom in season 5?Medium
Who lipsyncs to 'McArthur Park' by Donna Summer?Medium
Name a queen who has won four main challenges.Medium
Who becomes the fifth Heather in the season 3 reunion?Medium
What was Alexis Mateo's and Yara Sofia's team name in All Stars?Medium
Who won the John Waters challenge in season 7?Medium
Who was partnered with Chad in All Stars?Medium
What is the name of the very first drag race main challenge?Medium
What is the name of the book that Jujubee designs in season 2?Medium
Which guest judge appears in season 3 and all stars 3?Medium
Who won the first main challenge of season 2?Medium
Who impersonated Tyra Banks in Snatch Game?Medium
How many Aretha Franklin songs have been lip syncs?Medium
Who does Michelle Visage tell to get a room with Adam Lambert?Medium
How many times have there been no elimination after a lip sync? (Not including the disqualification in season 4)Medium
How many wins did each of the final three contestants have in season 3?Medium
Who plays Blac Chyna in Kardashian: The Musical?Medium
Sasha Velour's iconic rose petal lipsync was to which Whitney Houston song?Medium
Who made the most money in the Starrbootylicious challenge of season 2?Medium
Which queen was saved from elimination five times in All Stars 2?Medium
Adore Delano left All Stars 2 during which episode?Medium
Who in the Herstory of the World lipsync extravangza was given the role of Catherine the Great? Medium
Alaska and Katya lipsync against eachother twice; what was the second lipsync song?Medium
What original song did Violet Chachki perform for the seaosn 7 grand finale?Medium
Who did Manila Luzon impersonate in the Snatch Game?Medium
What colour is Shangela's box in All Stars 3?Medium
In All Stars 2 and 3, the top two queens lipsync for their what?Medium
Which queen was eliminated in the face face face of cakes episode of season 3?Medium
Which 2 queens in season 4 had the same last name?Medium
According to Latrice Royale, what does 5G's stand for?Medium
Who twerks upside down in season 8?Medium
What Madonna song does Peppermint lipsync to?Medium
According to Latrice Royale, what does B.I.T.C.H stand for?Medium
Which queen was in the bottom two, four times?Hard
Name the first 4 people in order to be eliminated on season 3Hard
What does Shangela call Delta in the reading challenge in season 3?Hard
Name one of the Pit Crew members that started in season 3hard
According to Sharon Needles in the reading challenge, Jiggly is such a fat ****, after sex she smokes what?Hard
Bob the Drag Queen says 'BOB' stands for what?Hard
Who wins the season 2 reading challenge?Hard
In the season 4 reunion episode, Willam says her stickers smell like what?Hard
Who did the Sesame Street themed comedy act in the season 3 episode: Ru Ha Ha?Hard
Which song has been a lipsync twice that isn't a Rupaul song?Hard
What place did Sonique get in Season 2?Hard
What does Trinity K Bonet say the K stands for, but for legal reasons doesn't use it?Hard
What's the name of the 'film saga' in Season 3?Hard
Who did Carmen Carrera impersonate in Snatch game?Hard
Who didn't know what a Tony award is?Hard
Who said they fell asleep during Paris Is Burning?Hard
Who shouted Nurse at Jiggly Caliente?Hard
What was Alaska wearing on her face when she entered the workroom in episode 1 of Season 5?Hard
BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake lipsync against eachother twice. What is the first song they lipsync to?Hard
Who won the lipsync to the song 'Stupid Girls'Hard
Who enters the workroom last in All Stars 2?Hard
Who plays good Penny in 'Shade - The Rusical'Hard
How many outfits did the final four have to design in season 5?Hard
What do people call BenDeLaCreme for short?Hard
Which Paula Abdul song is in season 6?Hard
What song do Phi Phi O'Hara and Sharon Needles lip sync to?Hard
Which contestant was practically naked in her lip sync?Hard
Courtney Act had to make a dress out of scraps leftover from what party?Hard
What place did Ivy Winters come?Hard
In the reading challenge Dida says to Jiggly 'You should feel honoured, the first drag race contestant ____ ______'Hard
Apart from BenDeLaCreme and Morgan McMichaels, which other contestant (not including all stars) who won the first main challenge didn't make the top three?Hard
What lipsync song is in the episode where Neil Patrick Harris was a judge?Hard
In the reunion episode of season 6, ViVacious says Ornacia had the nerve to send her what?Ultra Hard
At the end of seasons 1-8, a music video is made for one of RuPaul's songs. Name them in orderUltra Hard
Who calls Phi Phi O'Hara an illiterate f*ck in the reading mini challenge?Ultra Hard
Latrice Royale and Tammie Brown lip synced against eachother to what song and by who? (write 'song name by artist')Ultra Hard
Which is the only queen to lipsync 3 times and survive the competition to the final three without winning a main challenge?Ultra Hard
In order, starting from first, who are the first three queens to enter the workroom in All Stars 1?Ultra Hard
Who hold the record for most mini challenges won?Ultra Hard
In All Stars, who does Tammie read on the runway in episode 2?Ultra Hard
Name a contestant to win a main challenge, then be in the bottom two the next episode, then win the next main challenge?Ultra Hard

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