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lyricsSong Title
Mc's thought I was passed it, put me by the river and I'll bet you I can part it
Raving, Raving, I can't stop Raving
My names Wiley call me eskiboy can't test me boy
The next time you talk about albums, do one before you get lively
I love my music, i ain't giving it up
poke a hundred holes in your character, Kano laughs he controls your character
Simply because Kage knows me but i'm glad that I left
So back to music so for now, I'm moving on
Maniac, Wiley how are you gonna stop them
lyricsSong Title
You can't threaten me with no badman talk I ain't scared sorry man
Thats when I start promising the world to a brand new girl I dont even know yet
Just for the record, I'm back with a better CD for your ears
Music is paying me well so I ain't gonna be the one to go and find a new path
I'm not a cheapskate but I want two for the price of one
Must be the same old kid in the dinnerhall primary, eating apple crumble and custard
I'm always trying to rep ends but certain friends
I'm from the jungle I wont get lost, I make the flow cold just like jack frost
I don't like hype and I try stay calm

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