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Committed suicide after being accosted by Commander Shepard for spying on behalf of Cerberus
Killed by Commander Shepard on Omega in order to save Samara
Died as a result of using the crucible to stop the Reaper invasion
Sacrificed itself on Rannoch in order to upload a Reaper code to the remaining Geth
Sacrificed himself to allow Commander Shepard and his team to escape a Reaper controlled Rachni nest
Killed by Commander Shepard on Noveria after being indoctrinated by Sovereign
Fatally shot while attempting to prevent Commander Shepard and Admiral Anderson from using the Crucible
Fatally shot for aiding Cerberus in a coup to overthrow the council and take the Citadel
Died fighting the Geth on Eden Prime
Commited suicide on Lessus so that her only surviving daughter could live
Fatally stabbed while protecting the Salarian councilor from Kai Leng
Killed during the destruction of the SSV Normandy
Killed on Tuchanka when his transport is hit by Kalros
Fatally shot by her estranged father while aiding Commander Shepard on Horizon
Died during the Cerberus attack on Grissom Academy after Commander Shepard failed to help in time
Killed by Commander Shepard while protecting the Council during a Cerberus attack
Killed after being tricked into kidnapping the Volus ambassador
Executed by Cerberus as a traitor during their attack on the Citadel
Died battling Commander Shepard on the Citadel after being indoctrinated by Sovereign
Killed while attempting to prevent a Hanar diplomat from uploading a virus on the Citadel
Commited suicide by throwing herself off of a cliff on Rannoch
Left behind on Virmire
Killed by Commander Shepard on Virmire after refusing to let him destroy a cure for the Genophage
Sacrificed himself to protect Commander Shepard from a Cerberus agent on the Citadel
Sacrificed himself on Tuchanka to make sure the Genophage cure was properly dispersed
Fatally shot by Commander Shepard to insure the Genophage was not cured
Killed by Commander Shepard and Tali Zorah vas Normandy after attempting to upload a Reaper code to save the Geth
Killed as a result of Commander Shepard choosing to destroy all synthetic life in the galaxy
Killed by Commander Shepard on Omega in order to save Morinth
Fatally shot by the Illusive Man while attempting to dock the crucible with the Citadel
Killed by Commander Shepard upon realizing his betrayal in sabotaging the Genophage cure
Shot down during the battle of Earth while attempting to retake the Citadel
Died after choosing to Meld with Morinth

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