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Can you name the Spiderman Villans?

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Villains Name(answer 4 this one is Villains)
Mr. Osborn
Dr. Otto Octavius
Eddie Brock
Flint Marco
Dr. Curt Connors
Michael Morbius
Cletus Kasady
Arnold Donovan
Maxwell Dillon
a race called the Ancients
Mac Gargan
Dr. Miles Warren
Clifton Shallot
Aleksei Sytsevich
Sergei Kravinoff
Quentin Beck
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Wilson Fisk
Morris Bench
Herman Schultz
Creator of the new Spider-Slayers
Abner Jenkins
Fred Myers
Clone of Spiderman Created by Miles Warren
John Jameson
Mark Raxton
Thomas Fireheart
Silvio Manfredi
Jonathon Ohnn
Fritz Von Meyer
Phineas Mason
Lonnie Thompson Lincoln

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