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'I can't keep on losing you / Over complications / Gone too soon / Wait, we was just hangin'' (2016)
'I'm gang banging, and I'm dangerous / Smith & Wesson, and it's stainless' (2017)
'I'm mixin' the dirty bills in with the profit / Clean that sh*t up and I give it right back to him' (2018)
'Uh-okay, shawty know what's up, shawty want a rockstar' (2018)
'Now this is not a tape recording saying that he did it / But ever since that day, I was lookin at him different' (2012)
'I don't know why I came in this club with you, girl / Don't know why I came in with these diamonds on my chain' (2014)
'Got a chick, I call her Lola / She feel like the ocean / Likes to drink and smoke some doja' (2016)
'How is you feeling vro? Feeling like the Four, I feel Fantastic / Which one would you be though? Mr. Fantastic 'cause my money like elastic' (2018)
'And I got all the drugs in the world that you need / We get high to pass time but b*tch I ain't no fiend / I got money on my mind, I be stacking my green' (2018)
'Bad b*tch (bad) Small waist, pretty face (pretty) Havin' my way (havin', havin') She let me n*t on her face (baugh)' (2018)
'No I'm not a rat but I'm all about my cheddar / Just talked to your homie she said we should be together' (2017)
'Police pull me over, they ain't got nothing to say / I told 'em, 'I got tints because I'm rich', they said, 'Okay', ayy' (2017)
'I can give a f*ck 'bout no hater / Long as my b*tches love me (yeah, yeah)' (2013)
'This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, sh*t don't ever stop' (2018)
'You's a prissy little missy, baby I got one night for you baby (lit)' (2018)
'Shawty gon' f*ck on my drip, yeah / Shawty in love with my drip, woah / I get that drip, you (song title)' (2018)
'You ain't got no life (Nah) / Cups with the ice and we do this every night' (2015)
'Catch me rollin' through the city / Ridin' with the top off / Man, my whip so big when you in it' (2015)
'Drivin' Bentleys, not no Lexuses / She on ecstasy / F*ck her two times then I left the bitch' (2017)
'F*ck a rich b*tch, havin' rich s*x (rich s*x) Smoke a lot of trees, need a weed plant (weed plant)' (2018)
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