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QUIZ: Can you name the Dreamless?

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InfoPersonExtra Info
Main CharacterGirl/Is a Scion
The Love InterestBoy/Also a Scion
Helps Helen in the UnderworldHouse of Rome/House of Athens
Drive Scions in2 a Bloodlust3 Little girls
The OracleLucas' Little Sister
Watches Helen 4 his MasterMortal
Causes the Fight in the StreetAres Sister {?}
God of the UnderworldKeeps his wife Prisnor in a Gaden
Hades' wifeGoddess of Flowers
Lucas' CousinOutcast
Hectors BrotherIs a Twin
Hectors SisterJasons Twin
Helens MotherHelen Doesnt trust her
InfoPersonExtra Info
God of DeathOriginal Grim Reaper
Helens REAL FatherMortal
Works in the Bakery in the News StoreGirl/Mortal
Mortal GirlHates Helen
Lucas' MotherMortal
Lucas' FatherScion
Ariadnes MotherMortal/Dead
Ariadnes FatherScion/House of Thebes
Jason's UncleCastor/Pallas' Brother
Tantalus' WifeMortal
Tantalus + Mildreds SonKilled By Hector
Helens FAKE FatherDelos' Uncle

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