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Can you name the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters?

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Itallian Plumber (red)
Elf Warrior
Yellow Mouse with electric powers
Racer with fire powers
Princess with elf ears
Dinosaur like creature
Monsterous Turtle
Fast Hedgehog
Secret Soldier
Pink Ball with arms and feet
has Golden Sword
Round Knight with purple cape
doesn't this guy look like a girl?
Cool kid with powers
has 3 Pokemon Teamates
Shy kid with powers
Silhouette Guy
Blue Pokemon with awesome skills
Female with an orange robotic suit
Grey enemy of Fox Mcloud
Cartoon Version of Link
Fat Jerk with a Motorcycle
Itallian Plumber (green)
Pink Pokemon with a kind heart
Spaceman that carries Colorful helpers
Small ape with a Large Best Friend
Angel with a bow and arrow
Blue bird
Two adventurers of the Ice Lands
Orange Animal and Space Hero
Ugly kidnapper of Zelda
Robot that represents Nintendo
Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Large ape with a Small Best friend
Duck King with a huge hammer
Giant Boss Hand
Blue Boss and Master of everything

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