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Can you name the ace attorney victims by profession with AAI and AA2?

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ModelAce Attorney Case 1
Defence Attorney and Spirit MediumAce Attorney Case 2
Actor (Evil Magistrate)Ace Attorney Case 3
Defence AttorneyAce Attorney Case 4
Defence AttorneyAce Attorney Case 4 (DL-6)
DetectiveAce Attorney Case 5
ProsecutorAce Attorney Case 5 (SL-9)
Police OfficerJustice For All Case 1
Student Justice For All Case 2 (Car Accident)
DoctorJustice For All Case 2
Ringmaster of a CircusJustice For All Case 3
Actor (Jamming Ninja)Justice For All Case 4
Manager of the Jamming Ninja ActorJustice For All Case 4 (suicide)
Defence Attorney Trials and Tribulation Case 1 (8 month ago)
Pharmacology StudentTrials and Tribulation Case 1
Spirit MediumsTrials and Tribulation Case 2 (theft)
CEO of KB SecurityTrials and Tribulation Case 2
Computer ProgrammerTrials and Tribulation Case 3
Police OfficerTrials and Tribulation Case 4
Picture Book ArtistTrials and Tribulation Case 5 (Alias)
Spirit MediumTrials and Tribulation Case 5 (Real Name)
Traveler Apollo Justice Case 1 (Alias)
MagicianApollo Justice Case 1 (Real Name)
DoctorApollo Justice Case 2
Bodyguard, Manager & Interpol AgentApollo Justice Case 3
Artist and ForgerApollo Justice Case 4
MagicianApollo Justice Case 4 (7 years ago)
DetectiveInvestigation 1 Case 1
Interpol AgentInvestigation 1 Case 2
Butler of Amano GroupInvestigation 1 Case 3 (Alias)
Former Secretary of Amano GroupInvestigation 1 Case 3 (Real Name)
Thug & HitmanInvestigation 1 Case 4
Prosecutor and YatagarasuInvestigation 1 Case 4
ThiefInvestigation 1 Case 5
Secretary of Babahlese embassy & Smuggling Ring MemberInvestigation 1 Case 5
BodyguardInvestigation 2 Case 1
BodyguardInvestigation 2 Case 2
Chef & Contestant of Confectionery Competition Investigation 2 Case 3 (Alias)
Famous Sculptor Investigation 2 Case 3 (Real Name)
Defence Attorney and PIC MemberInvestigation 2 Case 4
President (real)Investigation 2 Case 5 (SS-5)
Cameraman & JournalistInvestigation 2 Case 5 (SS-5)
President (fake)Investigation 2 Case 5
Police Detective & Specialist in Bomb Disposal Dual Destinies Case 1
Former Wrestler & Alderman of Nine-Tails ValeDual Destinies Case 2
Judge course Teacher of Thermis Legal AcademyDual Destinies Case 3
Astronaut & Apprentice of Solomon StarbuckDual Destinies Case 4
Psychologist in the Cosmos Space CenterDual Destinies Case 5
Animal TrainerDual Destinies Case 6 (DLC) (1 year ago)
Aquarium ManagerDual Destinies Case 6 (DLC)
Security Guard for the Founder's OrbSpirit of Justice Case 1
Magician & Apprentice of Mr ReusSpirit of Justice Case 2
The High PriestSpirit of Justice Case 3
Acolyte of The High PriestSpirit of Justice Case 3 (Alias)
Member of Inga's Secret PoliceSpirit of Justice Case 3 (Real Name)
Wife Of The High Priest and Lady Kee'raSpirit of Justice Case 3 (Self Defence)
Rakugo Performer and MasterSpirit of Justice Case 4
Former Archaeology Teacher & ArchaeologistSpirit of Justice Case 5 (Civil Trial)
Former Defence Attorney & Leader of the Defiant Dragons Spirit of Justice Case 5
Justice Minister of Khura'inSpirit of Justice Case 5
MusicianSpirit of Justice Case 5 (Attempt of Assassination 23 years ago)
Former Queen of Khura'inSpirit of Justice Case 5 (Attempt of Assassination 23 years ago)
Butler of the Sprocket FamilySpirit of Justice Case 6 (DLC)

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