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Can you name the 'new' TV shows described by changing one word in each title to a homophone of that word?

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New PlotNew showFirst letter (minus 'the')
Drawl-worthy host asks adults if they can intellectually surpass a fraction of a cheese shredder / Answering the question results in an automatic 'F.'A
Chemist and his assistant miss that left turn at Albuquerque and crash their van into the DEA office / Not slowing down isn't a good thing.B
Peter's friend moves out of RI / The earth (and the fanbase) splits.C
Miami serial killer has trouble juggling murders with sex life / His sister bluntly clues him in on the latest technology...D*
Afternoon talk show host stops dancing and giving away free stuff / Audience feels deprived of kindness.E
Guys up to no good in the new neighborhood / Several Banks robbed and the newcomer's mom is scared / He'd best find new evidence or he's going back to Philly!F
A group of doctors move out of the hospital and onto the farm / They study the composition of grass that is eaten by cows / Oh, what a dreary color!G
Sunday & Monday, they laugh / Tuesday & Wednesday, they urinate / Thursday & Friday, they laugh some more / Saturday, they jump the shark while urinating on it?H
Once a protector of the peace, now a dirty criminal / Orders his niece and dog to examine 'inventive' parts of female robots / Thankfully keeps his trenchcoat on in the process.I
U.S. Marshal in Kentucky uses unusual tactics to bring criminals to justice / 'It's only a brawl,' he explains to his boss / Is this really a new plot?J
Sir Gordon gallantly rides his steeds into a mess / Sir Gordon yells and swears at the mess makers / The mess becomes a success!K
An ocean of bonny barkers to save the day / Timmy's got plenty of lifeguards now.L
The roundtables are turned when the guests grill the journalists / Politics has never been this deadly...or delicious!M
New PlotNew showFirst letter (minus 'the')
Working mother gives up hectic life and travels to the Serengeti / Embarks on novel exploits by riding antelopes, but she's still the same person she used to be!N*
New England town where everyone used to be plants / Rosemary-Margaret targeted by poisonous apple and magic myrrh / Can the Cloven One save the day?O
Contestants play to win old gliders / Gently let them come on down! / Closest to the cost of a pig and some popcorn wins!P
Explorer discovers passage between Pacific and Atlantic / Crewmates give him a strange look / Nobody knows the ship's orientation!Q
Group of young people travels to a planet full of movie technology / Film crew follows them to project their lives onto a screen.R
Quartet of miscreants knocked down a street symbol / Leader of the group jokes about it afterward / More trouble ensues, yada, yada, yada.S
Federal agent offs terrorists with a club / Two balls on identical supports seem to work every time / Passerbys warned to get out of the way...NOW!T**
Some women before marriage are unanswered enigmas / Why so many Spelling errors? / What made Amos famous? / The world may never know.U
Private investigator marries HBO political talk show host to uncover his secrets / Another letter after his last name!? / She's out of this world!V
A Phoenix rises from the ashes and eats people / What a birdbraaain / Is he really alive?W*
Time of ancient gods, warlords and kings / Two noblemen forged (and possibly conjoined) in the heat of battle / Their name was... X
Famous psychologist helps anxious people resolve their family feuds / Can he find a symbol of peace in their dreams?Y*
Masked man travels by paddleboat and aches afterward / Slashes people all wrong / Looks like an 'S,' so...thanks, Superman?Z*

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