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told the futer in riddles with one eye for three
Two faced only begins to describe this trickster of choice and consequence
His mother is beauty and he is fierce and uncontrollable
He drew the short straw when three brothers drew lots his empire unseen and forgotten by all but the dead
The first hipster on earth his chariot traveled the world before it was cool
strong as bull but as lost as a man in a labyrinth of death, string was his final down fall
he shakes the ground and rocks the sea all horses run from him
A lion of invulnerability with no protection from choking
More powerful than any storm feared by all gods and stonger than any titan
they have 98 reasons their better than you they're stronger and taller than mountains that makes 100 reasons that your happy they don't want to enslave humanity
Sorceres and feminist turned men into tamed animals

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