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What celebrity & movie star was hot on the case at SummerSlam 1994?
Who made their debut at St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
What was the very last official WCW match before the WWE aquired the company in March of 2001?
Who was the 1st WWE Superstar inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
Who did Hulk Hogan defeat to win the World Heavyweight Title for the 1st Time?
Who was originally planned to face Triple H at WrestleMania 17?
What was the name of Al Snow's Dog?
Who won the very first (non-televised) King of the Ring Tournament?
What type of match did The Rock & Mankind have during Half-Time Heat in 1999?
When Former TNA Superstar, Chris Harris, made his short lived WWE debut, what name did he go by?
Who was originally booked to win the 1996 King of the Ring?
Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out on the WWE after refusing to job cleanly to what former WWE Superstar?
You've all heard of Stone Cold Steve Austin's beer baths but which superstar once gave a ring full of superstars & divas -- a milk bath?
Who was Shawn Michaels last in-ring opponent before returning to face Triple H at Summerslam 2002?
What was the only WrestleMania where The Undertaker has faced more than one superstar in order to hold onto his on-going streak?
What 2 WWE Superstars were released from their contracts following an incident on a plane in 2002 which has been coined as 'The Plane Ride from Hell'.
What WWE Superstar holds the record for the quickest elimination from the Royal Rumble?
What name was The Undertaker billed as when he first made his debut in the WWE?
Back in the late 90's, WWE aired a segment called GTV, which showed Superstars & Divas in their more private moments. Who was supposed to be revealed to be behind it all?
Who was John Cena's very first opponent in the WWE?

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