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I Never Met the Dead ManPonch
Chitty Chitty Death BangCult Leader
A Hero Sits Next DoorHerself
Peter, Peter, Caviar EaterHimself
Brian in LoveSam Waterston
Death Is a BitchDeath
I Am Peter, Hear Me RoarGloria Ironbox
If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'Mr.Harris
Running MatesHimself
Dammit Janet!Various
Dammit Janet!Various
There's Something About PaulieKevin
There's Something About PaulieBig Fat Paulie/New Yorker/Hennessey
The Story on Page OneHimself
Wasted TalentDeath
The Thin White LineHimself
Brian Does HollywoodHerself
Brian Does HollywoodHimself
Brian Does HollywoodZack
One If by Clam, Two If by SeaSteve Bellows
One If by Clam, Two If by SeaBar Patron/TV Presenter/Dr.House
Death LivesHimself
The Kiss Seen Around the WorldHimself
The Kiss Seen Around the WorldHimself
Mr. Saturday KnightThe Black Knight
Mr. Saturday KnightDeath's Dog/Man In suit/ Renaisannce Guy
A Fish out of WaterHimself
To Love and Die in DixieLittle Girl
Screwed the PoochHimself
Ready, Willing, and Disabled(Playing Joe) As Himself
Ready, Willing, and Disabled(Playing Bonnie) As Herself
A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' ChristmasAs Themselves
Stuck Together, Torn ApartHerself
Road to EuropeHimself
Road to EuropeDotty Campbell
Family Guy Viewer Mail 1Himself
Family Guy Viewer Mail 1Herself
Family Guy Viewer Mail 1Himself
When You Wish Upon a WeinsteinLuke Skywalker
When You Wish Upon a WeinsteinHimself
When You Wish Upon a WeinsteinRabbi Goldberg
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci, Jr. HighMrs.Lockheart/Jillian/Herself
Fast Times at Buddy Cianci, Jr. HighWesly
Blind AmbitionPolicewoman
Blind AmbitionHimself
Don't Make Me OverHimself
The Cleveland–Loretta QuagmireHimself
The Cleveland–Loretta QuagmireHimself
PetardedSocial Worker/Himself
Brian the BachelorBrooke
Brian the BachelorDaffney
Peter's Got WoodsHimself
Peter's Got WoodsPicard/Peter/Himself
Peter's Got WoodsShauna Parks
Jungle LoveAngela
The Fat Guy StranglerPatrick Pewterschmidt
The Father, the Son, and the Holy FonzHerself
The Father, the Son, and the Holy FonzHimself
Brian Sings and SwingsHimself
Patriot GamesHimself
Patriot GamesHerself
Patriot GamesHimself
Patriot GamesHimself
Untitled Griffin Family HistoryHerself
Bango Was His Name, Oh!Donna
Stu and Stewie's Excellent AdventureHerself
Stu and Stewie's Excellent AdventureStork/Fozzie Bear/Other
Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure24 Open Voice over
Mother TuckerHimself
Mother TuckerThelma
Road to RupertStanford Cordray
Road to RupertNorm
Airport '07Himself
No Meals on WheelsHimself
Boys Do CryDuke Dillon
Boys Do CryHorse
No Chris Left BehindBarney Stinson
It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married OneHimself
Blue HarvestClark Griswold/Himself
Blue HarvestHimself/The Rancor
Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on AirHimself
Lois Kills StewieHimself
Lois Kills StewieHimself
Back to the WoodsHimself
The Former Life of BrianTracy
The Man with Two BriansHimself
Tales of a Third Grade NothingHimself
Tales of a Third Grade NothingHimself
Family GayPeter/Himself
FOX-y LadyAl Gore
Three KingsNarrator/Himself
Peter's ProgressMarshall
Spies Reminiscent of UsHimself
Dog GoneHimself
Business GuySharply Dressed Asian/Chinese Man
Dial Meg for MurderTeen People Editor
Go Stewie GoMother Maggie/Hot Blonde/Herself
Brian Griffin's House of PayneHimself
Brian Griffin's House of PayneHimself
April in QuahogSome Guy in a Hat
Something Something Something Dark SideHimself
Tiegs for TwoHerself
Stewie Goes for a driveHimself
The Blind SideStella
Tom Tucker: The Man and His DreamLindsey
Be Careful what you fish forBilly Finn
Ratings GuyHimself
Ratings GuyHimself
Ratings GuyHimself

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