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Forced Order
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'I only got so many minutes, don't want to spend em all on the clock, In the time that we spent talkin', how many kisses have I lost?'
'I bumped into you by happenstance, you probably wouldn't eben know who I am'
'If someone's out there waiting for a sweet good timin lady to make you smile like I always wanted to'
'I'm walking around all over this town, ten feet off the ground so happy I found you baby, I love it.'
'Out here in the open, mmmm motor boatin'
'His lips are dripping honey but he'll sting you like a bee'
'You never know what people have up their sleeves, ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me'
'I'd be shooting poolin my bachelor pad, playin' bass in my cover band, restockin' up cold BudLight, for poker every Tuesday night'
'Something 'bout you and me and the birds and the bees, and Lord have mercy, it's a beautiful thing'
'Well if you ain't a ten you're a 9.9, Tippin' and Sippin' that homemade wine
'Top off, in my jeep and we can go for a ride and I can drive with my knees'
'Some dreams will stay with you forever wrap you around and bring you back to where you were'
'It's like I've got a first class seat up on Ozzy's train, it's driving me insane'
'Forget about your friends, you know they're gonna say were bad for each other, but were ain't good for anyone else'
'So I turned off the car, ran through the yard, back to your front door before I could knock, you turned the lock'
'I wish you had sunglasses to cover up those blue eyes'
'To hear somebody say it stops hurting or to hear somebody say it's not worth it'
'I'd die for her and she'd live for me'
'She's got that something, that sexy innocence, she must be Heaven sent'
'I bet that mile long Santa Fe train engineer's seen it all'

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