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Can you name the Season 5 Game of Thrones Characters By Screentime?

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50 minutesQueen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms
49 minutesLord Commander of the Night's Watch
44 minutesFormer Hand of the King exiled to Essos
42 minutesThe Mother of Dragons
35 minutesLady of Winterfell
35 minutesTrainee of the Faceless Men
30 minutesKnight formerly sworn to Daenerys
29 minutesLord of Dragonstone and claimant to the Iron Throne
24 minutesJon's best friend and brother in black
22 minutesLord Commander of the Kingsguard
19 minutesLord Protector of the Vale
19 minutesBastard son of Roose Bolton
19 minutesCommander of the Second Sons
17 minutesLeader of the Faith Militant
16 minutesTortured servant of Ramsay
15 minutesFemale warrior sworn to the late Catelyn
14 minutesKnight of the Blackwater
13 minutesHand of King Stannis
13 minutesTranslator and handmaiden to Daenerys
12 minutesRed Priestess of Asshai
12 minutesWildling chieftain befriended by Jon
12 minutesWildling lover of Sam
12 minutesKing of the Seven Kingdoms
12 minutesDaughter of Stannis
11 minutesQueen of the Seven Kingdoms
11 minutesFormer Master of Whisperers
11 minutesLeader of the Faceless Men
10 minutesCommander of the Unsullied
10 minutesMeereenese noble
9 minutesLord of Winterfell and the Dreadfort
9 minutesLeader of the Sand Snakes
9 minutesSquire to Brienne
8 minutesThe Queen of Thorns
8 minutesPrincess of the Seven Kingdoms
8 minutesSepta of the Faith Militant
7 minutesLegendary knight sworn to Daenerys
7 minutesKing Beyond the Wall
7 minutesKnight of the Kingsguard
7 minutesSteward of Jon Snow
7 minutesMistress of Ramsay
7 minutesYoungest of the Sand Snakes
6 minutesMaster-at-arms of Castle Black
6 minutesMaester of Castle Black
6 minutesPrince of Dorne
6 minutesEldest of the Sand Snakes
6 minutesMiddle of the Sand Snakes

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