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Eddard Starkat the Tower of Joy (first)
Eddard Starkat the Tower of Joy (second)
Eddard Starkbeheaded for desertion
Eddard Starkoutside the Inn at the Crossroads
Robb Starkbeheaded for treason
Jon Snowwanted to be killed
Jon Snowstabbed in the chest
Jon Snowstabbed in the back of the head
Jon Snowkilled with a hammer
Jon Snowmercy kill
Jon Snowbeheaded for disobedience
Jon Snowhung for treason (leader of the traitors)
Jon Snowhung for treason (First Steward)
Jon Snowhung for treason (First Builder)
Jon Snowhung for treason (Jon's steward)
Sansa Starkfed to dogs
Arya Starkstabbed in the throat
Arya Starkstabbed in the heart
Arya Starkkilled in a Braavosi brothel
Arya Starkremoved face
Arya Starkbaked into pie (revenge for her mother)
Arya Starkbaked into pie (revenge for her sister-in-law)
Arya Starkthroat slit
Bran Starkused Hodor
Cersei Lannistermurdered by a pig
Cersei Lannisterwildfire explosion (leader of the Faith Militant)
Cersei Lannisterwildfire explosion (rival Queen)
Cersei Lannisterwildfire explosion (fiance)
Cersei Lannisterwildfire explosion (Lord of Highgarden)
Cersei Lannisterwildfire explosion (uncle)
Cersei Lannisterwildfire explosion (cousin)
Cersei Lannisterdeath by Mountain
Jaime Lannisterwhy he's called Kingslayer
Jaime Lannisterstabbed in the eye
Jaime Lannisterhis cousin
Tyrion Lannisterstrangled with a necklace
Tyrion Lannistershot with a crossbow
Robert Baratheondreams of it every night
Stannis Baratheon and Melisandreusing blood magic
Stannis Baratheon and Melisandrea sacrifice to the Lord of Light
Joffrey Baratheon'Ser Ilyn, bring me his head!'
Joffrey Baratheonshot with a crossbow
Theon Greyjoybeheaded
Theon Greyjoythrown from the battlements
Roose Bolton'The Lannisters send their regards.'
Ramsay Boltonhis father
Ramsay Boltonfed to his dogs
Ramsay Boltontried to seduce him
Ramsay Boltonshould have zigzagged
Ramsay Boltonshot in the eye
Petyr Baelishpoisoned via his wife
Olenna Tyrell and Petyr Baelishpoisoned at his wedding
Petyr Baelishpushed through the Moondoor
Daenerys Targaryenher sun and stars
Daenerys Targaryenburned alive
Daenerys TargaryenDracarys! (Qarth)
Daenerys Targaryenlocked in a vault (her suitor)
Daenerys Targaryenlocked in a vault (her handmaiden)
Daenerys TargaryenDracarys! (Astapor)
Daenerys Targaryenexecuted via Daario Naharis
Daenerys Targaryenburned in his holy city
Brienne Tarthavenged her King
Sandor Clegane'He ran. Not very fast.'
Sandor Cleganewasn't dead for long
Sandor Cleganeneck broken
Sandor Cleganehung

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