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Can you name the people killed in the first season of Fargo?

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EpisodeVictimManner of Death
1abducted by Lorne Malvo, freezes in woods
1stabbed mid-coitus by Malvo
1beaten to death with a hammer by Lester Nygaard
1shot dead by Malvo
2dumped in frozen lake by Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench
6framed for shooting by Malvo, shot dead by Duluth police
6throat slit by Malvo
6killed by raining fish
6killed by raining fish
7gunned down by Malvo
EpisodeVictimManner of Death
8garroted by Malvo
9shot in the head by Malvo
9shot in the head by Malvo
9shot in the head by Malvo
9used as decoy by Lester, shot by Malvo
10shot in the head by Malvo
10shot in the throat by Malvo
10leg broken by Lester, shot dead by Gus Grimly
10chased by Montana police, fell through ice on frozen lake

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