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Forced Order
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'Take My Hand Tonight, We Can Run So Far'
'Then It Comes In A Flash, When You Hear The Crowd'
'Cant You Feel It, In The Way They Look At You'
'All I Wanna Know Is Baby Do You Wanna Get Away'
'Told You I Made Dinner Plans'
'Its Gunna Suck, When The Camera Stops Rolling'
'Sometimes I Wish, I Had A....'
'Well Here We Are Again, Throwing Punchlines Noone Wins'
'She Was On Her Way To Mars'
'Turn On That Radio, As Loud As It Can Go'
'Peter Pan And Wendy Turned Out Fine'
'Tonight I Walked Into The Bedroom, You Were Physicaly Upset'
'I Met You In A Dream'
'All The Tears On Her Guitar, I'm Not Bitter'
'Everybody Gets The Itch, Everybody Hates That'
'I Make Up One More Lame Excuse, Why I Cant Come Out Tonight'
So Exited Of Re-Runs, Ive Memorised This Show'
'They Come And Go, But They Dont Know'
'Shes An........., Lives Next Door To Me'
'Its Christmas Time, Theres Just One Thing I Want'

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